Shrink-wrap system

A system that protects the products, generating a second skin on fruits and vegetables, in order to prolong their consumption life.
Our shrink wrap machine incorporates a ‘No product, no bag’ option, which means the system does not dispense plastic if there is no product, reducing energy consumption (the machine does not run if there is no product) and also reducing the use of plastic.


-25 kW power, which allows a production up to 220 pieces per minute.
-Speed controlled by variator/servomotor.
-Motorised feed, made of high quality plastic and controlled by adjustable speed drive.
-PID-controlled shrink temperature.
-Adjustable cutting temperature setting.
-HMI user interface.
– Energy efficiency.
-PLC control system.
-Intuitive touch screen for parameter setting.
-Fully equipped with Industry 4.0 technology

Additional equipment

-Semi-automatic feeding.
-Cutting unit.
-Servo powered cutting machine


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