Depalletizing line

Robotic depalletizing system specially designed for high production lines, which allows space optimization and simplifies the working process, thanks to the ability to feed several lines at the same time due to the multiple depalletizing points at one infeed.


– Thermo-lacquered iron structure.
– Up to 10 cycles per minute.
– Technologically prepared equipment for Industry 4.0
– Tailored software.
– Multi-format depalletizing equipment.
– Option to supply several machines simultaneously.
– Interaction with other processes in the production line.
– Safety measures: perimeter fencing and anti-collision system.
– Available for processing fruit and vegetables.
– Control system through PLC Programmable Logic Controller.
– Touch screen (HMI) for parameter setting with intuitive usability.

Additional equipment

– Rfid pallet identification system for traceability tracking from the field to the production lines. (Rfid, barcodes, etc.).
– Automated entry and exit of pallets by transport components.


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